Would a Universal Basic Income Cause a Major Spike in Rent Prices?

Adapted from Timothy Clark Voters in the United States considered a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for the first time in several decades. The most mainstream proposal is the central piece of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s platform. Yang’s ‘Freedom Dividend’ would guarantee each American $1,000 dollars every month. A plan like this would undoubtedly kick […]

Why give people money?

Automation and AI have pushed down wages in all jobs, even jobs that automation cannot do. While there is no jobs crisis, we do have a good jobs crisis. Despite headline unemployment around 3.8%, there are millions of people working part-time who would rather have full-time jobs. There are millions more who are too discouraged […]

Will Americans be taught how to handle money?

Q: Would you support initiatives for educating all Dividend recipients about budgeting, managing finances, and how to make the most of our $1000/month? A: Yes, Andrew Yang is a huge fan of financial literacy as an intrinsic part of education at the high school level. The Freedom Dividend would kick in at age 18. So […]

Will UBI be used as neetbucks?

Neetbucks is money for people who have basically dropped out of society. Young people who are NEET are “Not in Education, Employment or Training.” It’s been a big thing in Europe for a while. The concern that people have is that with the UBI or Freedom Dividend, young people can afford to intentionally drop out […]

Is the UBI a new welfare program?

No. This is not welfare. It’s universal. We are the richest, most abundant country in the history of the world, and we can easily afford $1,000/month per person. What the UBI does: Grows the economy. Enables people to afford their basic needs. Gets people’s heads above water. Helps people to invest and save for the […]