Democrats in 2020: I’d Like Yang to Run Against Trump

[OPINION] If you ask most Democrats what they think about Trump, they’ll say he’s dumb, he’s ignorant, he’s stupid. They call him a lot of things. But Trump beat 17 very intelligent politicians. He took over the Republican party, even while being against everything that they stood for. Most of the world seriously underestimates him. […]

Did Russian hacking cause Clinton’s loss in 2016?

No. Regardless of whether the Russian hack may have actually been a leak, and Facebook influence campaigns only spent minuscule amounts of money, the bottom line is that when you look at the numbers, it’s clear that other factors are responsible for Trump’s win. When Donald Trump won the election in 2016, there was a […]

Are people happy with the way things are?

People didn’t elect Donald Trump because they were happy. People aren’t committing suicide because they’re happy. People aren’t getting on disability in record numbers because they’re happy. They’re doing those things out of emptiness. – Daniel Miessler, The Problem With Pinker’s Positivity Our society has made massive gains in the last few centuries, but that […]