Will UBI be adjusted for inflation?

Yes. In other words, does the UBI proposition have an adjustment for inflation clause? If not, inflation will eat up purchasing power over time. The first thing you need to understand is that inflation is a monetary phenomenon. Please read this Economist’s View on Money and Inflation. So the UBI won’t spur much inflation. But… […]

Is the UBI a new welfare program?

No. This is not welfare. It’s universal. We are the richest, most abundant country in the history of the world, and we can easily afford $1,000/month per person. What the UBI does: Grows the economy. Enables people to afford their basic needs. Gets people’s heads above water. Helps people to invest and save for the […]

What prevents my apartment complex from raising my rent $1,000?

Q: What is to stop landlords from raising rents? If I’m a jerk landlord and everyone in my building is getting the Freedom Dividend, you might think that I could just raise the rent by $1000. I understand businesses need to be competitive, but when one is in the business of a need such as […]