Would a Universal Basic Income Cause a Major Spike in Rent Prices?

Adapted from Timothy Clark Voters in the United States considered a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for the first time in several decades. The most mainstream proposal is the central piece of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s platform. Yang’s ‘Freedom Dividend’ would guarantee each American $1,000 dollars every month. A plan like this would undoubtedly kick […]

Why give people money?

Automation and AI have pushed down wages in all jobs, even jobs that automation cannot do. While there is no jobs crisis, we do have a good jobs crisis. Despite headline unemployment around 3.8%, there are millions of people working part-time who would rather have full-time jobs. There are millions more who are too discouraged […]

Why don’t people on disability spend their time volunteering?

As a general principle, the idea that UBI is going to solve the work crisis is incorrect. That is not what Andrew Yang is saying. He’s saying that UBI provides a path forward. Losing one’s job is a crisis because of the threat of starvation. With a UBI, you can survive and have a little […]

Will jobs be replaced by robots?

Concern: I don’t see it at all. People have been raising this Luddite concern that technology is bad, that machines are going to replace people, for decades and decades, and it keeps not happening. Answer: The economy will fill in economic gaps with new jobs and industries, the way it has in previous times with […]

Does Yang want white supremacists’ votes?

Yang has mentioned that he is concerned for poor whites as their unemployment will trigger chaos and violence. Does this serve to downplay the African American’s struggle and give an easy handle for white supremacists to latch onto? A: No. Yang rejects support from white supremacists, and has said so publicly many times. If you […]

What prevents my apartment complex from raising my rent $1,000?

Q: What is to stop landlords from raising rents? If I’m a jerk landlord and everyone in my building is getting the Freedom Dividend, you might think that I could just raise the rent by $1000. I understand businesses need to be competitive, but when one is in the business of a need such as […]

How will we pay for the Freedom Dividend?

A thousand dollars a month for every U.S. Citizen age 18 and over will cost about $2.1 trillion. Here’s how we’ll pay for it: Value Added Tax (VAT) of 10%, about half the typical rate in Europe. This generates about $800 billion/year. Welfare overlap: people currently receiving benefits will receive the Dividend instead. They can […]