What prevents my apartment complex from raising my rent $1,000?

Q: What is to stop landlords from raising rents? If I’m a jerk landlord and everyone in my building is getting the Freedom Dividend, you might think that I could just raise the rent by $1000. I understand businesses need to be competitive, but when one is in the business of a need such as […]

Are people happy with the way things are?

People didn’t elect Donald Trump because they were happy. People aren’t committing suicide because they’re happy. People aren’t getting on disability in record numbers because they’re happy. They’re doing those things out of emptiness. – Daniel Miessler, The Problem With Pinker’s Positivity Our society has made massive gains in the last few centuries, but that […]

How will we pay for the Freedom Dividend?

A thousand dollars a month for every U.S. Citizen age 18 and over will cost about $2.1 trillion. Here’s how we’ll pay for it: Value Added Tax (VAT) of 10%, about half the typical rate in Europe. This generates about $800 billion/year. Welfare overlap: people currently receiving benefits will receive the Dividend instead. They can […]

How do you fix the criminal justice system and the mass incarceration of African American people?

A: I’m so glad Americans are waking up to the flaws in the criminal justice system. There is a bipartisan consensus now about what we should do. The first thing is to end private prisons, because it makes no sense to have a profit motive to keep people imprisoned. They literally profit more by having […]

Does Andrew Yang have a good chance of winning?

Yes. Though many see Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as the most likely nominees, their spots are far from secure. Historically, early frontrunners rarely win – check that last bunch of elections. Also, no candidate has truly broad support yet, and most voters are still undecided. [1] At this point in the 2016 election (May […]

What is the New American Scorecard?

And how do you pitch it to Congress? A: The American Scorecard is that set of new economic measurements that I described before that I’m going to present every year at the State of the Union. And getting Congress on-board with it is going to be pretty straightforward. Because the government does not need to […]