Democrats in 2020: I’d Like Yang to Run Against Trump


If you ask most Democrats what they think about Trump, they’ll say he’s dumb, he’s ignorant, he’s stupid. They call him a lot of things.

But Trump beat 17 very intelligent politicians. He took over the Republican party, even while being against everything that they stood for.

Most of the world seriously underestimates him.

Those are just facts. He did all those things. It’s true.

We’ve been joking about what Donald Trump’s nickname for Andrew Yang is going to be. We’re thinking “Comrade Yang,” because it’s a little racist.

Right now, Yang is one of the candidates that Trump has not touched.

The operating theory is that he wants to pick out people that he eventually wants to run against. The low-hanging fruit, the ones easy for him to defeat.

There are a couple people Trump has never touched on: AOC and Yang.

These are people he doesn’t think he can beat easily. The others, he can poke in various ways.

Yang has a much better chance. He’s actually going to have an easier time beating Donald Trump when he is the nominee, than beating the other 23 candidates. Winning the primary is going to be the hard part. Yang has to do the hard part first.

That’s not to say that Donald Trump is not a formidable opponent. He is. He’s an avatar of a particular cultural moment. He’s some kind of strange, radioactive media creation, conjured up in a McDonald’s lab or something.

It is formidable. And it certainly put to shame the Jebs and other politicians who are like, “He’s so divisive!”

He’s a more significant cultural force than the other Republicans. So Yang’s challenge is to become a different cultural force himself. Sort of Trump’s nemesis.

Trump has said that he can’t wait to run against the other well-known Democrats. The only thing he worries about is that some new person comes up out of nowhere. That’s the only thing keeping him up at night.

That person? Andrew Yang.

Yang is a tough opponent for him. The opponents Trump loves railing on are politicians. So if he’s dealing with a non-politician who’s a genuine entrepreneur and builder, who will call him out on being a market charlatan—he’s going to have a very tough opponent.

When Trump tries to stick it to Yang and offend him, Yang will laugh at him.

Yang is focused on solving the problems that got Trump elected.

That makes him a very tough opponent for Trump.

There are lots of people in Iowa and Ohio who have said, “Andrew Yang is who I was hoping for when I voted for Donald Trump!”

A huge number of former Trump voters will vote for Yang in 2020.

That is why I’d like Yang to run against Trump.

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