How do you fix the criminal justice system and the mass incarceration of African American people?

A: I’m so glad Americans are waking up to the flaws in the criminal justice system.

There is a bipartisan consensus now about what we should do. The first thing is to end private prisons, because it makes no sense to have a profit motive to keep people imprisoned. They literally profit more by having people come back to jail. So what the heck kind of incentive structure is that? It’s like the worst thing in the world. They also skimp out on treatments for patients, and rehabilitation expenses, and everything else. So getting rid of private prisons is number one.

Number 2, putting money into people’s hands does a lot to keep them out of the situations that encourage criminality in the first place.

I would also decriminalize marijuana. I think you all know I’m for that. Then I would pardon everyone who’s in jail for a non-violent marijuana-related offense. On April 20, 2021, it’s going to be get out of jail and get high day from the Yang Presidency. I would high-five them on the way out. I’m going to be a very popular man that day. Thanks to you, I might be a very popular man the whole time.

Another thing is that I would decriminalize opiates for personal use. If you’re selling, we should criminalize that. But if you’re using, then we just need to refer you straight to treatment and counseling and not to a prison cell.

2019-04-23 Town Hall in Las Vegas @ 26:27

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