Will Americans be taught how to handle money?

Q: Would you support initiatives for educating all Dividend recipients about budgeting, managing finances, and how to make the most of our $1000/month?

A: Yes, Andrew Yang is a huge fan of financial literacy as an intrinsic part of education at the high school level.

The Freedom Dividend would kick in at age 18. So imagine all the parents out there being able to look at your child and say, “Hey, you’re country loves you. You’re important. You’re an American. You get $1,000/month starting at age 18. And by the way, you have to take this financial literacy class.” You’re in high school when you get it. That’s a game changer.

Think about all of those effects throughout that person’s life.

That’s exactly where we need to go.

For adults, obviously, there would be a financial literacy program available for people regardless of their age or stage. [1]

Much like we require Drivers Ed before driving a car, we can require basic financial literacy before enrolling in the Freedom Dividend.

[1] Call from Faith in Austin, Texas @ 16:00

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