Is UBI an American idea?


If you look at the history of this idea, it’s deeply American. Thomas Paine was for it at the founding of the country. Martin Luther King Jr was for it. Milton Friedman, the leading conservative economist championed it in the 70s. It passed the House of Representatives twice, under Richard Nixon. And 11 years later, it was implemented in one state — Alaska.

In Alaska, it’s paid by oil revenues. It’s a deeply Republican state and was passed by a Republican governor. He asked, “Who would you rather got the money: The government, or you?”

The oil of the 21st century is technology. Amazon paid no taxes last year, despite record profits. Netflix paid no taxes last year, despite record profits. We need to put the American people in position to start harvesting some of the gains from artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and trucks, advanced technology—and with that money, what I call the “Tech Check,” we can then fund this dividend for all Americans.

[1] A wealth tax is not the way to go – Fox Business @ 2:00

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