Is the UBI a new welfare program?

No. This is not welfare. It’s universal. We are the richest, most abundant country in the history of the world, and we can easily afford $1,000/month per person.

What the UBI does:

  • Grows the economy.
  • Enables people to afford their basic needs.
  • Gets people’s heads above water.
  • Helps people to invest and save for the future.
  • Creates 4.5 million new jobs because people would have more money to spend in the economy.

It’s like a permanent stimulus for the economy.

59% of Americans can’t pay a $500 bill.

Would it make inflation go up? There would be some slight inflation. But technology makes things a lot cheaper over time. Only healthcare, education, and housing have been increasing in price, and that’s already been happening even without a UBI.

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