The Goal is Not Jobs, But Meaning and Prosperity

It is possible that technology will eliminate jobs. It does not seem obvious to me that technology will eliminate work. For it to eliminate work, you’d have to believe all the children were educated, all the old people were cared for, all the parks were clean, all the roads had their potholes filled, and I don’t think we’re anywhere near running out of work. So the question is how to convert work into jobs.

Capitalism and Democracy: Can They Coexist?

We don’t want more jobs. We want more meaning, and a higher standard of living for all Americans. If jobs are part of the path to get there, then those jobs are good, as far as jobs go.

Humanity is more important than money

It is time to upgrade to Human-Centered Capitalism.

Think about these activities:

Parenting or caring for loved ones

Teaching or nurturing children

Creating art, music, dance

Working in struggling regions near our hometowns

Preserving and improving the environment

Reading or writing for pleasure or personal growth

Preventative health care

Character-building for your kids, your team, yourself

Building community connections

Having a hobby

Becoming involved in local government

Many of us do some or many of these things, and usually, we don’t do them for money. What these activities add up to is a normal life, a well-rounded life of care and character, rich in community and creativity and balance.

However, capitalism moves and energizes the modern world. What capitalism values, our world does more of. What it doesn’t, we do less of. Many of us feel like the activities of a normal life are becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

How can we preserve what we truly value as humans, what matters to us beyond money?

In the US, our current form of capitalism is failing to produce an increasing standard of living for most citizens. It’s time for an upgrade.

Imagine a new type of capitalist economy that’s geared toward maximizing human well-being and fulfillment.

Human capitalism has a few core tenets:

  1. Humanity is more important than money.
  2. The unit of an economy is each person, not each dollar.
  3. Markets exist to serve our common goals and values.

Capitalism has to be made to serve human ends and goals.

The government should adopt these measurements:

Average physical fitness and mental health

Quality of infrastructure

Proportion of the elderly in quality care

Marriage rates and success

Deaths of despair; substance abuse

Global temperature variance and sea levels

Re-acclimation of incarcerated individuals and rates of criminality

Artistic and cultural vibrancy

Dynamism and mobility

Social and economy equity

Civic engagement


Responsiveness and evolution of government

Humanity is more important than money

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