Is Andrew Yang just trying to buy votes?

No, buying votes is illegal. The Freedom Dividend is universal and unconditional: recipients can vote for anyone they choose.

If you are saying what I think you are saying, then any promise to help people would be considered buying votes.

Companies pay their employees, and a healthier employee means a more efficient employee. The Freedom Dividend pays the American people for the value represented by their stake in our country, the richest and most advanced country in the world.

Money is an effective and efficient way to put resources into the hands of Americans. It is an investment in our people, giving them the resources to improve their lives and prepare for the future. Every adult will receive it, regardless of who they vote for.

The reality is that Basic Income is not about the money. It is about changing the relationships in society and expanding the definition of work.

The $1,000 a month is a dividend. As American citizens, we contribute to this hugely successful economy. We are the owners and shareholders of this country.

The Freedom Dividend seems strange at first. But it’s a deeply American idea that has been championed for decades.

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